They are an alternative to glasses, ideal for any sport and for people who simply don’€™t like wearing them. Contact lenses are now designed for more comfort easy care and are more affordable.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

  • Are soft contact lenses that are worn and then discarded after one wear. They are convenient as they don’€™t require to be stored or cleaned. Ideal for travel or for those one off occasions.
  • St George Vision Optometrist will be happy to offer a free trial pair.

Disposable Contact Lenses

  • These are soft contact lenses that are worn each day for either a fortnight or a month .They are removed nightly, cleaned and stored in contact lens cleaning solution.
  • St George Vision Optometrist will be happy to discuss your options and offer free trial.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

  • These are soft contact lenses that can be worn for up to 30 days without removal.
  • They are designed to be worn overnight when sleeping as they are made of a material that delivers high levels of oxygen to the cornea which allows the eye to breath and do not require cleaning.
  • A St George Vision Optometrist may discuss the need of extended wear contacts and offer the right brand to suit your vision.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

  • Are also known as hard contact lenses as they are not as flexible as soft lenses They are fitted to correct greater amounts of astigmatism or corneal irregularities such as Keratoconus, giving better vision than either glasses or soft contact lenses They are custom made to suit your exact eye shape and are replaced annually.

Custom Made Contact Lenses

  • These contacts are of a soft flexible material manufacture to fit you eyes shape and prescription. These lenses are replaced annually.

Multi-focal Contact Lenses

  • Are an alternative for wearers of multi-focal glasses. Like glasses they are worn to correct vision for distance, intermediate and near. They are also soft contact lenses and are available in daily disposables and fortnightly or monthly disposables, or custom made replaced annually.

Monovision Contact Lenses

  • Monovision is wearing a contact lens for reading in one eye and and a contact lens for distance vision in the other eye .They are an alternative to multi-focal contact lenses and multi-focal glasses A consultation with a St George Vision Optometrist can trial if monovision suits you.

At St George Vision we supply a wide range of contact lenses from brands that include Alcon Ciba, Coopervision, Australian Contact Lens, Johnson & Johnson, Bauch & Lomb and many others. To find out which brand suits your vision contact us at St George Vision on 95875320 or email